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multi color stripe

Tiny Treats

Brought to you by Ellen Mills and Wilma Rhodes.

Tiny Treats is a quilt block raffle held each month for members only. Patterns and instructions are included in the newsletter and linked off the home page. Make as many three blocks and enter your name once for each one.

multi color stripe

Snowball Unit

October, 2013

Needed: 10-light 5" squares and 10-dark 5" squares.

Cut 5 light and 5 dark squares in half and half again, creating  four 2½" squares from each. Mark each 2½" square diagonally and placing light on dark or dark on light, sew a 2½" square in each corner of a 5" square. Press unit open and cut away the underneath corner, square to 5" x 5". Bring 10 units, 5 dark on light and 5 light on dark.