CCQG has a collection of over 300 quilting related items - books, DVDs, etc. Members can check them out for a month at a time, but if you're late returning them, it is a fine of $1 per month. If they are lost, the person that lost them is responsible to replace them or pay the REPLACEMENT amount since some of the books are out of print and their prices are quite high to replace.

Collection Listings

Each link below is a pdf file that contains a listing of the Guild's collection sorted as stated.

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Library List

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       Book Title
    15 Minutes of Play (502)
    Victoria Findlay Wolfe
    improvisational quilts
    2 Fabric Applique Quilts (158)
    Nancy Lee Chong
    applique - DVD
    24 Angel Blocks (472)
    Linda Causee
    paper piecing - angels
    3 Yard Quilt Favorites (105) New Book

    Donna Robertson
    3 yard quilt patterns
    A Baker's Dozen (240)
    That Patchwork Place
    pre-cut fabrics
    A Quilter`s Christmas Cookbook (1005)
    Louise Stoltzfus & Dawn Ranck
    Add-a-Line Continuous Quilting Patterns (175)
    Janie Donaldson
    machine quilting
    Addicted to Scraps (206)
    Bonnie Hunter
    scrap quilts
    Adventures in Circles (514)
    Leigh E. McDonald
    circle quilt designes
    Adventures with Leaders & Enders (570)
    Bonnie Hunter
    scrap quilts
    All Star Quilts (390)
    Helen & Young, Blanche Frost
    Alphabet Quilts (165)
    Bea Oglesby
    alphabet letters
    Applique Workshop (280)
    Laurel Anderson
    applique - skill building
    Bargello Quilts with a Twist (400)
    Maggie Ball
    Becolourful Quilt Collection (1083)
    Jacqueline DeJonge
    New York Beauty gallery
    Block by Block (607)
    Beth Donaldson
    Block Magic, Too! (452)
    Nancy Johnson-Srebro
    whimsical blocks
    Block Party (872)
    Alissa Haight & Lejnieks, Kristen Carlton
    art quilts
    Blocks, Borders, Quilts! (824)
    quilt designs
    Bobbin Quiltin' & Fusin' Fun (1062)
    Michele Scott
    Butterfly Album (606)
    Bea Oglesby
    applique - butterflies
    Casting Shadows (310)
    Colleen Wise
    3-D quilts
    CCQG Quilt Show 2011 (1012)
    Celtic Pieced Illusions (171)
    Karen Combs
    Celtic designs
    Charm Quilts (608)
    Beth Donaldson
    charm quilts; one patch
    Circle Play: Simple Designs for Fabulous Fabrics (242)
    Renola Pakusich
    circles w/distinctive fabric
    Color Confidence for Quilters (626)
    Jinny Beyer
    skill building
    Complete Guide to Quilting (1004)
    Better Holmes & Gardens
    skill building
    Crazy Quilting With Attitude (767)
    Barbara Randle
    Crazy Quilts
    Crosspatch (610)
    Pepper Cory
    piecing; multiblock quilts
    Cutting Garden Quilts (518)
    Melinda Bula
    applique - fusible
    Delectable Mountains Quilt (579)
    Eleanor Burns
    Delectable Mountain
    Easy Does It 3 Yard Quilts (106) New Book

    Donna Robertson
    3 yard quilt patterns
    Easy Memorabilia Quilts (1060)
    Trish Bowman
    memory quilts
    Fabulous Feathers & Fillers (312)
    Sue Nickels
    machine quilting & design
    Fast Favorites From McCall's Quilting (803)
    McCall's Quilting
    Fat Quarter Quilting (348)
    Lori Smith
    fat quarters
    Fat Quarters, Small Quilts (942)
    Darlene Zimmerman
    fat quarter small quilts
    Folded Fabric Elegance (722)
    Rami Kim
    folding fabric
    French Braid Obsession (770)
    Jane Hardy Miller
    French Braid Qqilts
    French Braid Quilts (144)
    Jane Hardy Miller
    French Braid quilts
    Friendship Strips & Scraps (338)
    Edyta Sitar
    scrap quilts
    Graffiti Quilting (203)
    Karlee Porter
    art; machine quilting
    Greetings from Tucsadelphia: Travel Inspired Projects (581)
    Liz & Beth Hawkins
    Hanky Panky Crazy Quilts (800)
    Cindy Brick
    Crazy Quilts
    Happy Endings (873)
    Mimi Dietrick
    Happy Trails (609)
    Pepper Cory
    drunkard's path
    Hawaiian Quilting (526)
    Elizabeth Root
    Hawaiian applique
    Infinite Feathers (382)
    Anita Shackelford
    quilting designs
    It's A Stitch (978)
    Karen Bolesta
    Jelly Roll Inspirations (384)
    Pam & Nicky Lintott
    jelly roll quilts
    Just Can't Cut It (889)
    Pamela Mostek
    patterns - large print fabrics
    Liberated Quiltmaking (454)
    Gwen Marston
    creative quilts
    Liberated Quiltmaking II (456)
    Gwen Marston
    creative quilts
    Little handfuls of scraps (104) New Book
    Edyta Sitar
    scrap quilts
    Log Cabin Fever (406)
    Evelyn Sloppy
    Log Cabin
    Log Cabin in the Round Designs (186)
    Barbara & Bev Vickery Schaffield
    Log Cabin
    Log Cabin With a Twist (1026)
    Barbara T. Kaempher
    log cabin designs
    Long-arm Machine Quilting (865)
    Carol A. Thelen
    machine quilting
    Magic Stack and Whack Quilts (583)
    Bethany S. Reynolds
    Mariner's Compass Quilts (1022)
    Judy Mathieson
    Mariner's Compass designs
    Mastering Quilt Marking (814)
    Pepper Cory
    marking quilting designs
    Minimal Quiltmaking (311)
    Gwen Marston
    piecing & machine quilting
    Modern Bee (830)
    Lindsay Conner
    Quilting Bees (online)
    Modern Quilts & More (198)
    Kimberly Einmo
    modern quilts
    More Snippet Sensations (410)
    Cindy Walter
    fusing; art; applique; landscape; portraits
    New Cuts for New Quilts (897)
    Karla Alexander
    stacking fabrics
    New Slant on Bargello Quilts, A (833)
    Marge Edie
    New York Beauty Diversified (1086)
    Linda Hahn
    New York Beauty variations
    Nickel Quilts & Borders (702)
    Pat Speth
    5-inch squares
    Nine-Patch Extravaganza (161)
    Judy L. Laquidara
    Nine Patch patterns
    Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin (550)
    Sara & Baker, Marci Nephew
    Log Cabin
    On A Roll (162)
    Heather Mulder Peterson
    jelly roll quilts
    One Block Wonders Cubed! (350)
    Maxine & Pelzmann, Joy Rosenthal
    geometric shapes
    One-Block Wonders: One Fabric, One Shape (244)
    Maxine Rosenthal
    Optical Illusions (1034)
    Karen Combs
    optical illusions
    Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts (215)
    Wendy Vosters
    paper piecing - mini quilts
    Pieced Curves, So Simple (167)
    Dale Fleming
    curves & circles
    Pieced Hexies (132)
    Mickey Depre
    English paper piecing
    Pretty Darn Quick 3 Yard Quilts (107) New Book

    Donna Robertson
    3 yard quilt patterns
    Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts (1058)
    Peggy G. & Wood, Julia C. Rhodes
    Quilt Batik! (747)
    Cheryl Brown
    Quilt Mavens (360)
    Deb & Mednick, Janet Karasik
    paper piecing
    Quilted for Christmas Book IV (730)
    Janet White
    Quilter's Edge (346)
    Darlene Zimmerman
    borders, bindings & finishing
    Quilting Illusions (1008)
    Celia Eddy
    optical illusions
    Quilts 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories (190)
    Sue Prichard
    British quilt collection
    Quilts and Health (115) New Book
    Marsha, Luz, Clare, Donaldson, Beth MacDowell
    history, health-related?quilts
    Quilts and human rights (191) New Book
    Marsha Macdowell
    Rectangle pizzazz (112) New Book
    Judy Sisneros
    Piecing - general
    Ring Around the Hexies (313)
    Bonnie & Depre, Mickey Hunter
    scrap piecing
    Rolling Along: Easy Quilts with 2 1/2 inch Quilts (683)
    Nancy J. Martin
    jelly roll quilts
    Save the Selvages (1048)
    Sandy Thompson
    Scatter Garden Quilts (1074)
    Pamela Mostek
    fussy cutting
    Scrappy Duos (820)
    Donna Lynn Thomas
    scrap quilts
    Scrappy Fat Quarter Quilts (1088)
    Marianne & Porter, Liz Fons
    scrap quilts
    Scrappy Firework Quilts (340)
    Edyta Sitar
    scrap quilts
    Scraps & Shirttails II (574)
    Bonnie Hunter
    scrap quilts
    Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse,Re-purpose, Recycle (568)
    Bonnie Hunter
    scrap quilts
    Seeing Stars (121)
    Shelley Lynne Robson
    Block of the Month - stars
    Shots and Stripes (1003)
    Kaffe & Lucy, Liza Prior Fassett
    stripe & solid fabrics
    Simple Shape Quilts (197)
    Katheryn & Schutte, Rose Russi
    modern quilts
    Simple Start, Stunning Finish (972)
    Valori Wells
    Simple Style (1056)
    Sara Diepersloot
    Simply Stunning Woven Quilts (512)
    Anna Faustino
    woven quilts
    Singular sensations (111) New Book
    Barbara Douglas
    Sizzle 'n Pop (757)
    Trish Stuart
    using pre-cut fabrics
    Skinny Quilts & Table Runners (365)
    Eleanor Levie
    Snippet Sensations (408)
    Cindy Walter
    fusing; art; applique; landscape; portraits
    Snowflake Follies (888)
    Terry Martin
    collection w/patterns
    Stack-n-Whackipedia (430)
    Bethany S. Reynolds
    Stellar Quilts (356)
    Judy Martin
    String Fling (572)
    Bonnie Hunter
    scrap quilts
    String Quilts (316)
    Elsie Campbell
    string quilts
    Strip Easy (720)
    Christiane Meunier
    strip piecing
    Strip-Smart Quilts (845)
    Kathy Brown
    strip combinations
    Stripology Mixology 3 - Last Call (212) New Book
    Gudrun Erla
    GE Design quilts
    Supersize 'Em! 22 Quilts from Oversized Blocks (260)
    Debby Kratovil
    oversized blocks
    The Big Book of Baby Quilts (1000)
    Martingale & Company
    baby quilts
    The Cat's Meow (751)
    Janet Kime
    applique & piecing
    The Civil War Diary Quilt (194)
    Rosemary Youngs
    Civil War quilts
    The Quilt Show, Series Twelve (1013)
    The Quilt Show
    Thread Painting Made Easy (1089)
    Terry White
    machine embroidery
    Time-Crunch Quilts (809)
    Nancy J. Martin
    piecing and quilting shortcuts
    Tips For Quilting (1007)
    The Old Country Store (staff)
    quilt tips
    Treasures from the 30's (302)
    Nancy Mahoney
    30's quilts
    Underground Railroad Sampler (903)
    Eleanor & Bouchard, Sue Burns
    sampler quilts
    Victorian Quilt Block Designs (418)
    Jodie Davis
    piecing - foundation
    Vivacious Curvy Quilts (938)
    Dianne S. Hire
    curves in quilting
    Walk: master machine quilting with your walking foot (113) New Book
    Jacquie Gering
    Quilting - by machine
    Weekend Scrap Quilting (753)
    Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra L. Stauffer
    applique & piecing
    Where Women Create: Quilters (1001)
    Jo Packham
    quilt studios
    Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics (180)
    Inc. Kentucky Quilt Project
    Wonderful 1 Fabric Curves (611)
    Kay Nickols
    using border fabrics; drunkard's path
    Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts (172)
    Kay Nickols
    using border fabrics
    Wonky One-Block Quilts x (960)
    Marlous x Carter
    wonky quilts x