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Thursday, May 20

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Thursday, June 10

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The temperatures are rising and I hope everyone’s spirits are, too. Spring seems to be playing its usual hide and seek game again this year, but at least every time it comes out again, it seems to stay around a little longer. I now have some spring bulbs up and flowering – flowering –crocus, daffodil (or maybe narcissus?), crocus, daffodil (or maybe narcissus?), chionodoxa (or scilla, I guess they are called now), and more coming along. Can’t wait to see my flowering trees in bloom, too. The anticipation of all the glories to come is one of my favorite parts of spring; that and knowing there are months of lovely weather ahead of us. d of us.

Spring in the garden is a lot like starting a new quilt project, isn’t it? You may need to clear out the garden beds or clear off the cutting table, but then the fun begins: deciding what new plants you want to try this year or choosing pattern and fabrics for the new quilt. You may need to divide some perennials in the garden to make *more* plants and you get to cut your fabrics into the right size pieces for the quilt. Plant your new plants and sew your cut pieces together to make something appealing. make something appealing.

I find both gardening and sewing to be very relaxing and sometimes meditative. The repetitive motions of both allow my mind to drift from thought to thought, solving all the problems of the world some days (and other days just figuring out what to make for dinner). And at the end of both the garden project and the quilt project, there can be such a feeling of accomplishment. plishment.

I hope all of you are also feeling anticipation of the seasons to come, whether you garden or not. If not a gardener, enjoy putting your creative efforts to your quilts in the coming months.

Cathy Skelton

Capitol City Quilt Guild (CCQG) was organized in March, 1984, to encourage fellowship, cooperation, and learning among area quilters and to promote public appreciation for creativity and high standards for quilting.  CCQG is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization giving to the community education, hosting quilt shows to spread the art of quilting.  The Guild members make and donate quilts for various charities and as well as provide free education seminars for the public on the art of quilting.
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