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multi color stripe

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multi color stripe

Vinyl Applique Holder

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Originally presented as part of a round robin on August 18,2011.

*Use an old vinyl table cloth

Cut (1)  14.0”  X 32.0”  rectangle-outer cover
Cut (4-6)  14.0”  X 14.0”  squares-pages
Cut (1) 28.0” long ribbon

Mark a line 14” from the edge of the 14 x 32 rectangle

Fold on the line with felt inside and vinyl outside

Place the pages (14 X 14) squares inside the folded outer cover.   Align edges of pages up to the folded line.

Fold shut along the line and sew a ½” seam on folded edge

Flip over to the back side of cover making the long page up.

Place the middle of the ribbon on the outer edge of the center of the long page.
Sew the ribbon into place with a sturdy stitch.