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multi color stripe

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multi color stripe

Finger Pin Cushion

Originally presented as part of a round robin on August 18,2011.

  1. Cut a circle of fabric 3-3.5 inches in diameter. You may want to fussy cut in order to center a design in the circle.
  2. Sew around the circle about ll4 rnch from the edge.
  3. Stuff the circle with batting and draw up and knot the thread
  4. Make two holes in a bottle cap with a small screwdriver.
  5. Thread ends of elastic through holes to inside the cap. Glue ends in place making the elastic long enough to fit around your finger.
  6. Put glue inside bottle cap and around insides.
  7. Stuff open edge of fabric ball into the bottle cap and around insides.  Use a needle or stiletto to make sure all stitching is inside. Hold in place for a bit until the glue sets.
  8. Trim as desired.
Alma shows how she makes these...just a bit different from mine.