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multi color stripe

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multi color stripe

10 Minute Quilt Block

This technique is the 10 Minute Quilt Block as demonstrated on YouTube by Suzanne McNeill, from Design Originals. (Click here to watch Suzanne McNeill`s video demonstration or search for “10 minute quilt block”).

The block is made using only 3 seams!  

This quilt block is made of 3 fabrics: two 10” squares of one fabric; two 10” squares of a contrasting fabric and one 10” square of a focus fabric for the center. Using 10” squares, (think layer cakes!) with a 2 x 3 block layout, you can make an approx  40x60 quilt without borders.

Seam 1:

  • Fold the focus fabric in half, wrong sides together.
  • Layer the folded fabric between 2 full size squares (to keep this simple, always put the dark fabric on the bottom), with the raw edges of the folded focus fabric at the top. Sew seam 1 all the way down the right side of the whole set.              
Seam 2:   
  • Fold back the top squares (so their wrong sides are together) and the folded fabric protrudes from the seam. Now layer the folded fabric between the other two squares (remember to put your dark fabric square on the bottom). Sew seam 2 through all layers down the right side of the whole set. Fold out squares. Seam 1 is on left, Seam 2 is on                      

Seam 3:
  • Grab the center on each side of the folded fabric and pull flat so that the center seams of the outside squares meet.
  • Sew seam 3 across top.  (Tip: pin center seam and edge of 1st fold – sew to center – then pull other side of fold out and continue seam to end.)                    

Open fabrics and ta-daa! You have a block with a center focus square already sewn in!  You may now top stitch the square down, or fold over the bias edge and topstitch to form a cathedral window! Sew rows together - add borders if desired - DONE!!


  • Use smaller squares and get a secondary design
  • Use striped or pieced fabric for outer squares