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multi color stripe

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multi color stripe

Twist and Turn

For this technique you use two contrasting fabrics – one is focus fabric, the other background fabric. Cut 2 squares of each color for each block needed. (4 squares per block)

Cut rectangles of one of your fabrics.  Iron one edge ¼ “ under.  Fold side to center to form a triangle and press. You may make your triangles any size you wish – this is your creativity and design inspiration.
Sew the triangles to sides wanted and top-stitch down (folded or flat)

Small triangles of light fabric were sewn to 4 sides of dark fabric and stitched on bias fold to form curves.

Close-up of a block       Multiple blocks

Red/white pinwheel above is actually large triangle sewn to one side of each square – all squares same fabric.

Ideas on Twist and Turn book cover

Her book is: 10-Minute Blocks, published by Design Originals, ISBN-10 is 1574216694, ISBN-13 is 978-1574216691

Click here to find the book on Amazon.